This is the website of Ben Wolfe, certified health coach and tennis instructor.  Specializing in using tennis as a vehicle of improving your mental and physical health. 

Ready to get to the next level in tennis?  

When the mind and body are a healthy entity, you can achieve the level of success you seek in multiple avenues.  I have taught myself tennis to a 5.0 level through focusing on a developing a healthy mind and body.  By doing this, I was able to create a deep understanding of the sport while also getting my body to move in a way to feel confident in my capabilities as a tennis player.  

My unique background in health and tennis has shown to give results for tennis players seeking a better method than just focusing on technique.   I use a personalized combination of diet, exercise, strategy and tennis instruction to get you to the level you want.  Use this website to find more information that  can get you there.  Connect with me to see what I can offer you!  

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